January 28th 2023 (Click above for the session recordings; contact details of presenters were shared in email to attendees)


Learn about 23 different careers in 34 sessions/tracks from 40+ presenters that a Waqf-e-Nau can pick to serve his/her faith. Registration is required to get your Unique Ticket. Open to Non-Waqifeen-e-Nau as well!

Expo has Finished

Annual Waqf-e-Nau USA Career Expo

One of a kind experience for both Waqifeen-e-Nau (boys) & Waqifaat-e-Nau (girls) across the country to come and learn about various careers based on the current Jama'at needs in a day-long interactive Expo. Registration is required to get your unique Ticket giving you an ability to join the Expo. Limited Seats available.

Why Attend WN Expo?

As a Waqf-e-Nau, is it enough to volunteer for Jama'at on a few occasions or serve in the Local, Regional, or National Amila of his / her auxiliary? No. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (aba) has repeatedly emphasized that Waqifeen-e-Nau are to study in the various fields a Khalifa-e-Waqt advises on. Once trained in one of those fields, Waqifeen-e-Nau should present themselves to Khalifa-e-Waqt who will then decide how the Waqf-e-Nau may be best utilized for Jama'at's aim to serve humanity.

This Career Expo will introduce approximately 23+ different careers/fields in light of what Waqifeen can do for Jama'at when they pursue these careers rather than working in a corporate environment.

Total of 34 sessions/tracks are being held with four parallel tracks running simultaneously for 30 minutes each. Register now and build your own agenda, and bookmark the sessions you want to attend.

Presented by over 40 highly qualified and well-respected presenters.

In-Person: Masjid Masroor, South Virginia for boys & fathers from Maryland, Virginia, and East regions & anyone who wants to join.

Online for all Waqifaat-e-Nau, mothers and those who cannot travel to South Virginia. Given this is our first year organizing such a hybrid event, we will inshallah explore adding an option for Waqifaat to join in-person in the future.

Expo will run from 10:00 am est thru 5:30 pm est with various breaks. Please visit the website for the most up-to-date schedule and sessions.

Interactive sessions will be conducted with recognition & gift cards for in-person & online attendees.

The Closing session will be chaired by respected Ameer Sahib USA, inshallah.

Who is it for:

Ideally, this Expo is for Waqifeen-e-Nau & Waqifaate-e-Nau between the ages of 14 & 24 years old as well as parents of Waqifeen.

Four concurrent tracks will be going on with the ability for you to join the tracks you wish for

Non-Waqifeen-e-Nau or those outside of the age bracket may also join

How to register: https://youtu.be/ivdHL3wtZus

If you have any issues, please contact us at wn.events@ahmadiyya.us

Expo Schedule (All Times EST)

Four Parallel sessions/tracks will be running at a given time. After registration, you may build your own agenda or join sessions as you wish on the day of the Expo. All sessions are recorded & will be uploaded on our Youtube Channel, inshallah.


Tilawat & Translation & Opening remarks


Getting ready for Jamia & Serving as a Murrabi Silsila Link to Recording

Serving Humanity as a Civil Servant (Foriegn Policy)

Serving Humanity as Teacher Link to Recording

Serving Humanity as a Law Enforcement Officer Link to Recording


Serving in MTA USA as a Waqf-e-Zindagi Link to Recording

Serving Jama'at as a Journalist Link to Recording

Serving Jama'at as a Physician Link to Recording

Serving Jama'at as a Linguist Link to Recording


Networking & Social Hour


Serving Humanity as a Nurse Link to Recording

Serving Humanity as a Research Scientist Link to Recording

Serving Jama'at as an Architect Link to Recording

Serving Jama'at as a Web Developer (Al Islam and general) Link to Recording


Serving Humanity as a Lawyer Link to Recording

Serving in MTA USA as a Waqf-e-Zindagi Link to Recording

Serving Jama'at as an IT & Software Engineering (App Developer) Link to Recording

Serving Humanity in Sustainable Health Care (HF) Link to Recording


Lunch & Namaz


Getting ready for Jamia & Serving as a Murabbi Silsila Link to Recording

Serving Jama'at as a Journalist Link to Recording

Serving Jama'at as in IT & Software Engineering Link to Recording

Serving Humanity First as a Waqf-e-Zindagi/Waqf-e-Nau Link to Recording


Serving Humanity as a Doctor

Serving Jama'at as Teacher Link to Recording

Serving Jama'at as an Engineer Link to Recording

Serving Jama'at as a Lawyer Link to Recording


Networking & Social Hour


Serving Humanity as an Academic Link to Recording

Serving Humanity as a Research Scientist Link to Recording

Serving Humanity as a Pharmacist Link to Recording

Serving Humanity as a Doctor Link to Recording


Serving Jama'at as a Waqf-e-Zindagi (Panel of Waqifeen-e-Nau) Link to Recording


Closing Session with Respected Ameer Sahib USA & Silent prayer (Virtual Remarks)


Namaz & Refreshments

Keynote Speakers

Well known industry leaders and emerging talents (Click on names to find more)

  • Civil Service

    Naveed Malik

    Naveed Malik is a career diplomat with the U.S. Department of State -- the first known American Ahmadi to hold this position. Since joining the Foreign Service, Naveed has served in Kuwait, India, Washington, and is currently posted to Amman, Jordan...

  • Research

    Dr. Shanaz Butt

    Dr. Shanaz Butt is a tenured professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Her research is directed towards understanding the effects of stress on mental disorders...

  • Research

    Shareef Khalid

    Shareef Khalid works as a Bioinformatics Analyst at Columbia University. He completed his Masters's in Bioinformatics from Georgia Tech. Previously, he completed his BS in Biology with a minor in Computer Science from LUMS (Lahore).

  • Director of Development

    Qamar Suleiman

    Qamar Suleiman is the Director of Development with alislam.org International Team. He has a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering & lives in Montreal, Canada. He worked on various Mobile and Web projects including but not limited to MTA app, Holy Quran app, OpenQuran etc...

  • Jammat Missionary

    Syed Labeeb Janood

    Syed Labeed Ahmad is taking Jamaat literature to the next level by digitizing it, making it accessible to everyone on various platforms. His team utilizes various Jamaat resources to make them available easily in one place including Friday Sermons and literature.

  • Waqfe Zindagi (Life Devotee)

    Asim Malik

    Asim Malik worked as a Senior Controls engineer with over 10 years experience prior to becoming Waqfe Zindagi. Now they are able to assist in the Open Quran project launched by Beloved Huzoor(aba). Currently he is serving as General Secretary for Alislam which entails supporting the Alislam team with all the projects.

  • Civil Services

    Attia Nasar

    Attia Nasar is a former civil service officer with the US Department of State. In this capacity she provided strategic communications support to U.S. embassies and consulates. She has worked with the highest levels of government globally. Attia holds dual masters in Public Relations and in International Relations from Syracuse University. Through her work she was able to serve the Jama’at in various ways. Originally from Upstate New York, she now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters.

  • Software Engineering / IT

    Awais Khawar Butt

    Awais Butt did B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering in 1999 from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, M.Sc. Computer Science in 2003 and Mphil Computer Science course work in 2009 from the Punjab University, Lahore. He received a Centenary Jubilee Educational Program gold medal from Khalifatul Messiah V Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (at) and silver medal from Punjab University for obtaining 2nd Position in M.Sc. Computer Science, Punjab University...

  • Software Engineering / IT

    Syed Yasir Bin Talha

    Syed Yasir Bin Talha is a Senior Director of professional services and customer engagements at Salesforce.com. He has over 20 years of industry experience with companies such as Google, HP, and Symantec, where he delivered digital solutions to run global businesses. In the past ten years, Yasir has successfully led enterprise-scale consumer and dealer experience transformations for global automotive companies in the US and consulted many in Europe, Japan & Asian markets...

  • Humanity First

    Munum Naeem

    Munum Naeem is the Chairman and Executive Director of Humanity First USA and has been serving for 18 years since its inception in the USA in 2004. Professionally he is an Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering expert. His outstanding career includes Serving as VP at Continental, United, and Saudi Aerospace Industries. Currently, he is part of the senior leadership team at the US Naval Air Command. Under his leadership Humanity First has established and expanded its programs and services in USA and many countries including Guatemala. Munum's humanitarian efforts have been acknowledged at various levels through dozens of awards from government and nonprofit bodies, including a Lifetime Achievement Award for exemplary humanitarian services...

  • Pharmacy

    Dr. Nazia Khan

    Received Diabetes specialty certification from University of Florida College of pharmacy through Medco health and worked as a Diabetes therapeutic pharmacist (2009- 2012) with Medco Clinical Program Advisor, Configuration Delivery Services at Express Scripts Responsible for clinical criteria setup associated with business needs including but not limited to client support, product support, consultative support, configuration support for Pharmacy/Medical Criteria, and internal team support (projects/training) . Pharmacist at Wal-Mart Pharmacy Evaluates prescription orders for appropriateness and drug interactions · Counsel Patients on the appropriate use of their medications and possible side effects. Supervise technicians in the filling of prescription medications. Fill and dispense medications.

  • Hospital Management, HF Healthcare

    Majid Khan

    Majid Khan sahib's profile Possesses in depth experience of designing, building and managing international hospitals, including Tahir Heart Institute, a premier medical tourism destination in Pakistan. Previously worked as Global Coordinator for R&H hospital project Ghana and as Administrative Director of MANA. Prior to this was Vice President of Relux Homes, McLean, VA. Extensive construction experience in the healthcare, Hospitality and education sector has built number of Hospitals and associated schools and other buildings, including hotels. Expert in the “hospital” concept, which brings together elements of hospitality and health care. Has worked on all aspects of hospitals development, from construction and financing to commissioning and management.

  • MTA Television

    Omar Farooq

    Serving as Missionary in MTA International since 2021, first assigned to MTA International Canada studios and then in December 2021 transferred to MTA International USA Studios. Responsible for research, script writing and content checking alongside assisting with production...

  • MTA Television

    Ghaalib Khan

    Serving as Waqf-e-Zindagi since 2008. Served as head of MTA International Graphics Department from 2008 - 2018, specializing in motion graphics, 3D animation and video editing. Currently serving as head of MTA International USA Studios.

  • Doctor

    Dr. Merium Mubarak (MBBS)

    Currently working as Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Physiology at El Camino Community College, CA I dedicated along with my husband Dr. Syed Mubarak Ahmed from March 2004 to December 2007 at Al Mahdia Hopital Mithi, Tharparkar, Sind.

  • Nursing

    Nusrat Jahan Qadir Chaudhry

    Nusrat Jahan Qadir Chaudhry has been a neonatal icu nurse for her entire 27 year career. She’s also has her masters in nursing education allowing her to serve as an educator and consultant. At work Nusrat trains new nurses, serves as a charge nurse and mentor, safety coach and partakes in research and quality initiatives to improve the care of neonatal patients. Nusrat serves as a co chair for the developmental committee for New York Presbyterian NICU focusing on nursing care and optimal developmental outcomes. She continues to work 12 hour night shifts at the bedside while also volunteering with Humanity First USA and serving a the social media and website chair for AMMA USA.

  • Civil Engineer

    Junaid Malik

    Junaid Malik works as a Senior Civil Engineer/Planning Manager at Department of Public Works, Fairfax County, Virginia. For the past 2 decades, his career has been focused on development of water transmission/distribution, wastewater collection and stormwater infrastructure. Junaid obtained his B.Sc. Civil Engineering Degree in 1999 from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore Pakistan. and M.Sc from Texas, USA. He is a licensed professional engineer in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington DC. Junaid is currently serving as the chairman for IAAAE USA and has facilitated participation of architects and engineers with the jamaat national property department for several projects including, existing and new building design and construction and site development. Junaid hopes to expand these services to Humanity First and other Jamaat auxiliaries in the USA. Junaid is also serving as the local Sanat o Tijarat Secretary for Northern Virginia. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his 7 year old, hanging out with friends and fixing stuff around the house and vehicles.

  • Law Enforcement

    Iatezaz Tariq

    Iatezaz Tariq is a waqfe-nau from the Maryland jamaat. In 2013, upon completing his Bachelor of Science in Criminology from George Mason University, Iatezaz traveled to the United Kingdom to meet with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V (a.b.a) in order to offer himself to the jamaat. Beloved Hazoor (a.b.a) advised Iatezaz to enter the field of law enforcement. Upon returning to the United States, Iatezaz was accepted into the Metropolitan Police Department in the nation’s capital of Washington, D.C. Iatezaz has served as a law enforcement officer for eight (8) years now. He has achieved numerous achievement medals and accolades throughout his career. In 2019, Iatezaz received the Officer of the year award for his efforts in removing over 80 illegal firearms from different communities in D.C. Iatezaz has also assisted in many different cases investigating various crimes. He has apprehended murderers, kidnappers, and has worked tirelessly to serve the community. Last year Iatezaz met beloved Hazoor (a.b.a) and provided an update on his waqfe journey and sought further guidance, to which Hazoor (a.b.a) instructed him to continue to work in law enforcement and to work towards a promotion. By the grace of Allah, Iatezaz will be promoted to Detective this year.

  • Jammat Missionary

    Hashim Usman

    Hashim Usman is a student of Islamic theology and comparative religious studies, who is currently appointed as a missionary in the North Jersey chapter of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community and as an assistant to the National Waqfe Nau Department. He is a graduate of Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada, an institute of Islamic theology run by our community.

  • Dentist

    Dr. Muhammad Afaque Osama

    Served under Nusrat Jahan Scheme at Ahmadiyya Muslim Dental Surgery Monrovia, Liberia from 2018 to 2022 Director ‘Water for Life’ Humanity First Liberia 2020 to 2022

  • Engineering

    Ata Ahmad

    Ata is working to support Naval Sea Systems Command, performing design change modifications of the MMSC class ships and Columbia class submarines. He works supporting the engineering, cost estimation and project management aspects of the project. He has also worked supporting the smart building design concepts for energy efficient building as they pertain to HVAC and control systems. Ata is also supporting the National Umoor e Ama team, tabligh efforts and helps people in career advice and goal setting.

  • Architecture

    Namoode Saher Khokhar

    NamoodeSaher Khokher did her masters in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), after doing her Masters in Materials Science from Bahauddin Zakaria university, Pakistan. This was a change in her majors from Material Sciences to Architecture field...

  • Architecture

    Lubna Chaudhry

    Lubna Chaudhry has a Masters in Architecture from the University of Maryland with a certificate in Urban Design. She also has a Masters in International Development and Sustainable Emergency Architecture from the International University of Catalunya - Barcelona. Additionally, she has a certification on Humanitarian...

  • Life Devotee (Finance department)

    Syed Hamza Ahmad

    Syed Hamza Ahmad is a Waqf-e-Zindagi (Life Devotee) & is appointed by Huzur (aba) to work in the finance department in Canada. While he awaits for his visa process to be finish, Huzur (ABA) instructed him to start working in the USA Finance Department where he is currently working. Hamza holds bachelors in Economics & Finance and a Masters in Economics.

  • Life Devotee (Journalist)

    Atif Rashid

    Atif Rashid is an award-winning Waqf-e-Nau journalist who quit his job at the BBC a year ago to serve the Jamaat full-time. As a Social Media Manager at the BBC, he worked with high-profile journalists and created videos which gained millions of views, including one about Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough.

  • Doctor

    Dr. Fizan Abdullah, MD, Phd

    Dr. Abdullah is the president of AMMA (Ahmadiyya Muslim Medical Association) USA & an active partner with Waqf-e-Nau USA department to prepare Ahmadi doctors to serve Jama’at & Humanity...

  • Life Devotee (Teacher)

    Mirza Sharif Ahmad

    Mirza Sharif Ahmad has been serving as a Waqf-e-Zindagi since May 2021 as a Mathematics Teacher at Nasir Ahmadiyya Muslim Upper Basic and Senior Secondary School, The Gambia. At Nasir School, Sharif teaches all grades and curriculum from Grade 7 to Grade 12 helping students to further their education.

  • Linguist

    Bushra Sahid

    Bushra Shahid serves as editor, reviewer, designer, and formatter in Tasneef as well as trainer of new members. She has helped to finalize many books, including The Holy War, Nurul-Quran, Zikr-e-Ilahi, and Malfuzat. She also leads the Children's Book Team. Bushra has a Master of Arts in English degree from Pakistan. She resides in Dayton, Ohio, where she serves as the local Lajna Ima'illah president and regional Lajna president of the East-Midwest region. Since coming to the USA, she has been involved in projects to educate the Dayton community about Islam. Bushra initiated a women's interfaith group that is popular in Dayton and has been going strong for the past eight years...

  • Lawyer

    Lubna R. Malik

    Lubna R. Malik is a moosiah and has been blessed to serve the Jama’at and Lajna Immaillah at the national, regional, and local levels. Lubna is also a member of the US Jama'at legal office as well as the Central Legal Department in UK. Professionally, Lubna is a corporate lawyer specializing in securities, capital markets and strategic transactions, working for a publicly traded Fortune 500 company. She completed her bachelor's degree at Princeton University and her law degree at The University of Chicago Law School. Lubna and her husband live in Washington D.C. Metro Area with their son and daughter and strive to always stay close to Khilafat.

  • Linguist

    Nayab Khan

    Nayab Khan serves on the Children's Book Committee of the English Translation Section, USA. In this capacity, Nayab reviews all children's books and provides suggestions for their improvement, having worked on several newly published children's books. She has developed reading comprehension activities for multiple books. Nayab is a senior at Baldwin Wallace University but from the Silver Spring, Maryland Jama'at. She is majoring in biology (pre-med) and has experience as a patient companion at Cleveland Clinic and lead resident assistant at Wallace. Nayab is a Jack Westin MCAT ambassador and participates in faculty-led research on PP2A Pathway manipulation to decrease the progression of Alzheimer's disease. She also serves as a microbiology teaching/lab assistant.

  • Teacher

    Dr. Safeer Bhatti

    Dr. Safeer Bhatti is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Webster University's School of Education. With over nineteen years of leadership experience in various non-profit capacities, one of Dr. Bhatti's foremost positions is serving as a Director of Humanity First Schools in twelve countries where he oversees as a volunteer, the training, support, professional development, curriculum development, budget, expenditures, and staffing needs of twenty-six different academic institutions.

  • Doctor

    Dr. Saadia Nawal

    Dr. Saadia Nawal- Completed M.D. degree from George Washington University Medical School and is currently in her 3rd year of Internal Medicine Residency at GWU Hospital. She is currently serving as the Chairperson for the AMMA Career and Education Advice Committee with focus on Waqfenau.

  • Life Devotee (Law)

    Qudus Malik

    Qudus Malik is a Waqf-e-Zindagi who is serving the US Jama'at as Legal Adviser and Sadr Darul Qada. Qudus also serves as the Executive Director of Global Lawyers for Refugees, a Washington DC based not-for-profit organization which works under the auspices of the US Jamaat and provides refugees fleeing religious persecution with legal as well as policy support. Qudus worked for a leading international law firm in New York City, specializing in the areas of patent litigation and transactional IP.

  • AMLA

    Rahman Nasir

    Rahman Nasir is a 3rd year law student at the University of Houston Law Center. Rahman received his bachelor’s in psychologyrah with a minor in Public Health from the University of Houston in 2019. Rahman is a member of the US Jama'at legal office as well as the Central Legal Department in UK. He is also a member of the Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya national amila. He works as a legal intern at Francisco Fernandez Law Group, PLLC in Houston and is specializing in immigration law

  • AMLA

    Umer Chaudhry

    Umer Chaudhry is a member of the Maryland Jamaat and a practicing lawyer in Washington D.C. Umer deals with legal issues at the intersection of national security, procurement law, and international trade. He graduated from the George Washington University School of Law and is admitted to the Washington D.C. bar. In law school, Umer took coursework in immigration law, which he regularly leverages in his pro bono work for the Jamaat and within his law firm.

  • Doctor

    Dr. Sheharyar Sarwar

    Dr. Sheharyar Sarwar, D.O. completed his medical degree at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. He then pursued a residency in psychiatry at Penn State Health. He is currently a consultation-liaison psychiatry fellow at the Mayo Clinic. His interests include neuromodulation, global mental health, cultural psychiatry and transplant psychiatry. He currently serves at muavin sadr waqf-e-au in the MKA National Amila. He is also a member of the waqf-e-nau national team and the vice chair for the AMMA Career and Education Advice Committee with focus waqfeen-e-nau.

  • Life Devotee

    Ali Iqtidar Bajwah

    Ali Iqtidar Bajwa son of Shahid Ahmad Bajwa and grandson of Chaudhry Ahmad Hussain Bajwa is in the blessed scheme of Waqf Nau. Youngest of the three brothers, he spent his childhood years in Rabwah. After completing his education at Nusrat Jehan Academy and Nusrat Jehan Inter College in 2005, he went to the National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Islamabad Pakistan and earned Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 2009.

  • Research

    Dr. Syed Amaar Ahmad

    Syed Amaar Ahmad is a member of Detroit Jama’at and has served in various capacities including Mohtamim Amoor e Tulba in MKA, Secretary Wasiyya and is currently serving as Assistant Secretary Waqfe Nau USA. He completed his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and is currently working in Ford Motor Company on advanced features and wireless technologies. He is the author of over a dozen academic papers and has several invention patents...


A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!

Conference Venue

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Masroor Mosque
5640 Hoadly Rd, Manassas, VA 20112
& Virtually via Zoom

Follow-Up Sessions

2023 Expo may be over, but we are NOT!

Why the Follow-up Sessions:

Following the Waqf-e-Nau Career Expo in January, we have decided to conduct a follow-up session every few weeks allowing the attendees of the Expo and general membership to find more in-depth details about the Careers they are interested in and have ample opportunity to ask questions.

Next Session

Serving Humanity as a Doctor (Thursday, April 27th, 2023 at 8pm EST)

  • AMMA

    Dr. Saadia Nawal & Dr. Sheharyar Sarwar


    Join the session to learn from Dr. Sheharyar Sarwar Sahib & Dr. Saadia Nawal Sahiba in how you can become a Doctor (of any expertise), the process of becoming a doctor, exams you need to take, overall education and process for obtaining loans etc.

Zoom Link: https://rb.gy/q4syo

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Previous Follow-Up Sessions

  • MTA USA Studios

    Ghaalib Khan Sahib and Omar Farooq Sahib

    MTA USA Studios

    Immerse into behind the scenes magic that happens at MTA USA Studios & how you can be part of the MTA Team. Huzur (aba) has instructed MTA USA studios to grow their team & produce high-quality programs. Find out more from Ghaalib Khan Sahib, a Life Devotee and Omar Farooq Sahib, Missionary MTA USA about what it takes be part of their team.

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